How To Guide Backup full firmwareROM of any MediaTek device using MTK client Oppo reno6 5G MT6877

A new Android OS will replace the manufacturer’s modded version with a stock and clean version. Or, it can even beef up the existing Android OS version with amazing new features.

backup stock rom android tablet

Recovery is small piece of software that runs in the recovery partition on your device. Roshan Singh is the Founder & Owner of Ur Tech Partner. A young self-trained part time blogger and computer expert. Checkout How to Make Fake WhatsApp Conversation and See who visited your Whatsapp profile today. Because Android OS are open source, those with in-depth knowledge of the languages can modify the OS and customize it to their preferences to make it more attractive.

Unfortunately unlike CWM and TWRP recovery systems, the stock android recovery doesn’t allow you to choose which portions of the backup to restore. It simply restores everything just the way it was created. These drivers are mainly for the devices powered by MediaTek chipset. You have successfully restore Huawei P9 to Stock firmware, keep join your smartphone with stock firmware. Otherwise it will depend on your device and whether stock images are readily available.

With the help of this method, you can take a backup of your Android ROM completely. This type of full firmware backup is known as the Nandroid backup.

  • Based on my understanding, in order to keep the warranty and still play with stock Android firmware custom ROM’s, the following steps are required.
  • The restore process is a bit faster than the backup process and when it’s done, you’ll get a restore user data complete notification as shown below.
  • The easiest way to uninstall Magisk is directly through the Magisk app.

It manages everything for you in the background, helping simplify the entire backup process. We extensively tested Swift Backup and highly recommend it for offline and cloud-based solutions. You can learn more about Swift Backup and its different features, giving you an in-depth preview of what to expect beforehand. This is one of the most useful third-party apps you can find when backing up and restoring your Android device. Swift Backup allows you to perform batch actions with just a few quick taps. You can pick the apps you want to save, press a button, and it takes care of the rest for you. It has a slight setup curve since it relies on the Shizuku service to work, which gives you higher-level system privileges.

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